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05-Oct-2017 12:29

movie ID=8131&zoekmovies_production=&zoekmovies_producer=&zoekmovies_cat=&zoekmovies_search_type=title&zoekmovies_search=jeans&os Csid=gsa47nt2g5koqeqjpvr0b83ch3This is a cool community, and posting videos in the proper category, or "niche" is not just courteous, its the right thing to do.

Not everyone enjoys the same things, and having specific tastes, or aversion, to whatever each of us is into, helps to create a community that can exist together, when we respectfully post into the proper category.

“our hero” leaves to go on a tour of the place, guided by the beautiful lady representing the sellers.

A private plane was already waiting, staffed by a crew of beautiful young women dressed in bikinis, skin-tight short skirts, and platform high heels.

I dig curvy, hairy ladies, of at least middle age, and post and enjoy others shares - have my settings adjusted to reflect these specific niches, and it works the same for everyone.

When someone posts thin, shaved 20 year old's, in the big ladies niche, its no major shock, and the website has an option, to suggest a proper niche for such posts, and the admins usually see that these adjustments are made, making our community better for all of us.

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And I well know how to use that reaction to my advantage.

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